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Respiratory Disease Feb 12th - 26th.docx

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Jennifer Kuk

ththRespiratory Diseaserestrictive and obstructiveFebruary 1226 Common lung diseasesAsthma Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD Bronchitis Emphysema Pulmonary fibrosisMain types of lung diseasePulmonary circulation diseasesClotting scarring or inflammation of the bloods vesselsoLess capable of taking of O2 and release CO2Embolism blocks to lung areas in vessel not getting blood flow and those areas of lung arent helpingBlood vessel leading to lung and are affectedoAffect heart functionoEx Pulmonary embolism blockage in a pulmonary artery Pulmonary arterial hypertension high bp in arterie in the lungcauses heart to contract harder to circulate blood through lung leading to heart failure pulmonary hemorrhage bleeding from lung leading in alveoliRestrictive Lung tissue diseaseaffect structure of the lungoPulmonary fibrosis Sarcoidosis severe obesityoLike wearing a tootight vest cant take deep breathAirway diseases narrowing or blockage of airwaysoAsthma bronchitis emphysema COPDRestrictive Lung tissue diseaseReduced lung compliance stiff lungIncreased work of breathingIncreased lung O2 demand leaving less O2 for musclesReduced tidal volumes shallow breaths total lung capacity vital capacity residual volumeIncreased expiratory flow ratesLungs dont want to expandthey shrink back quicklyIncreased respiratory ratequick shallow breathsNonuniform distribution of ventilationoSome alveolar units will not be exposed to gas as they would in healthy breathing pattern dead air spaceFibrosis of lung tissues impairs gas transfer at alveolarcapillary surfacePoor gas exchangeDiffusion is impairedMechanical and gas exchange are an issueScoliosis RLTDScoliosis is a severe lateral curve in the spinedeformation in the chest wall rib cagelimit chest movement cant expand itreduced lung volumesInsert rods to straighten it but it is riskyPulmonary FibrosisRLTDLung tissue becoming scarredcaused by infections environmental agents like asbestos and silica and chronic inflammationExamined on X ray easilySarcoidosisSarcoidosis is an immune disease that causes lumps of fibrous tissues called granulomas on the skin and organsCan happen all over the body cause complications everywhereLung Function TestsRestrictive Lung DiseaseA person with restrictive lung disease will have reductions in total lung capacity vital capacity residual volume tidal volume and functional residual volumeCant breath as much in because of tightness of lung stiffness taking shallow breath tidalLarger amount of space in the lung going unused Exercise in Restrictive Lung Disease PatientsVentilation increased by increased respiratory rate as opposed to tidal volumeoNo deep breathso4x more oxygen requiredReduction in max stroke volume
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