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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 2011
Gillian Wu

Plasma Membrane – also known as the cell membrane and surrounds every cell - Separates cell contents from its surroundings (Separates ICF and ECF) o Hydrophobic interior serves as a barrier from water soluble substances from entering between ICE and ECF - Controls movement of molecules in and out of the cell Main functions: 1. Controls movement of molecules between cell and its environments 2. Maintains difference in ion concentration (accomplish steady state) 3. Participates in joining cells to form tissues and organs through CAMs and other cell-cell adhesion 4. Ability to respond to changes in the cell’s environment The extremely thin layer of lipids and proteins that form outer layer of each cell is needed to: - Maintain homeostasis - Cell survival - Required for a cell to function normally Structure: Fluid lipid bilayer (phospholipid bilayer) embedded with proteins - Integral embedded throughout - Peripheral are only attached to the outside layer of the membrane - Some carbohydrates on the outside layer (glycol-lipid/proteins) - Cholesterol, acts as a buffer between phospholipid molecules to maintain fluidity and stability of cell membrane Proteins: - Attached to or inserted within the lipid bilayer o Functions of proteins:  Form water filled pathways or channels  Carrier molecules  Docking marker receptors  Membrane-bound enzymes  Receptor sites  Cell adhesion molecules (CAM’s)  Surface proteins important for self-recognition and in cell-cell interactions Carbohydrates - Self-identity markers enables cells to identify and interact with each other - May also be involved with tissue growth Cystic Fibrosis Caused by mutation in transmembrane regulator (CFTR) - Discovered by Lap-chee Tsui at Sick Children’s 1989 now head of University in china - Mutation caused a deletion in three nucleotides (1 codon  3 codons) loss of phenylalanine - Must have one copy of mutation from both parents - Life expectancy 40+ CFTR protein stuck in ER/Golgi and never shipp
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