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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 2049
Merv Mosher

September 9, 2009 KINE 2049 A Research methods in Kinesiology Professor Merv Mosher Course Outline .The course outline is available in the course kit and online at: .Topics covered include research, design, ethics in research, information retrieval, data collection methods, subject selection, sources of error, types of research, and presenting results. .In addition, students will gain "hands-on" experience using computers as a tool to assist in research. Prerequisites - there are are none. Degree Credit Exclusions .PSYC 2030 .Always check the degree credits for exclusions. .Professor Merv Mosher 359 Stong College 416- 736-2100 ext. 66922 .He would not like to bother communicating with the telephone. [email protected] .Professor would prefer that you e-mail him in webct instead. OFFICE HOURS: .By appointment or drop-in. Computer Accounts: .All students require a: .WebCT account .HH-KINELABS-PC Labs" account ."Acadlabs - PC/MAC Labs" account .Activate through: Page 1 of4 "Manage My Services .When you log in to Manage My Services - you need to see Green Checkmarks beside those categories - you need all of those three activated for this course. Laboratory Instructors .(To be announced) .The labs start the week of September 21/09 for this course. .The labs in this course are every week. Lectures: .Section A: M,W, 10:30, CW 109 .Go to the class that you are enrolled in. .Laboratories: .See Registrar’s web site for a listing of lab times. .Students with access to a computer with the following. software, (Web Browser, PowerPoint and Excel), will be able to complete the assignments at home. However you must attend your lab to receive a mark. .Show up within class hours to get a mark. .You can also bring in your laptop to show your T.A. that your work is done. .You must attend the lab at the same time every class. .Labs commence the week of Sept. 21, 209 .Location: 125A or 162 CB .Labs are weekly. .Walk in the back doors of the Chemistry Building and make a left turn and then another right and there are the two rooms. Required Texts: .Research Methods in Kinesiology KINE 2049 Lecture Notes, Laboratory Manual & Readings: York University, 2009. (Sold in the Bookstore) Cost $50.00 .A student said that they found the book downst
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