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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 2049
Merv Mosher

September 21, 2009 KINE 2049 .Professor said he has had numerous e-mails from students asking what to do. .Professor said that labs are explained clearly in the course kit. .Professor cannot do anything to correct the problem of conflicts that you have. .If you have been able to figure out a switch he needs the e-mails between the two of you and take it to the T.A. that is involved and make the switch. .If you have been unable to make a switch you can still go to other labs and ask if there is space for you. .Professor said not to expect an e-mail response from him every weekend. .Pay attention to things in the media. .Formula One Racing .BE skeptical of things you read, hear, see. .Tiny T. rex fossil discovery startles scientists. .What the pill bottle doesn't tell you .Women in Canada learned to be wary of the drug industry long ago. .In the 1930s and '40s, expectant mothers were encouraged to take a synthetic hormone called diethylstilbestrol (DES) to prevent miscarriages. Years later, they discovered they had put their daughters at risk of vaginal cancer, breast cancer and infertility.... .Last class talking about how do you know what you know? .We all know lots of stuff. The nature and purpose of research. 4. Reasoning - Deductive and Inductive reasoning. .Inductive reasoning is the way a lot of research starts. .You start off small as a sample and expand to the population. 5. Scientific inquiry: -Problem identification -Statement of hypothesis -Collection and analysis of data -Accept or reject the hypothesis -Conclusions Page 1 of6 .Assume you are an elementary school teacher and the children get antsy in the class. .You got the idea that if they got some physical activity it might improve them. .Children who get 15-20 minutes of activity may do better in class. .Professor could create two groups - one group of children will have physical activity and the other group will not have physical activity. .He then measures their scores and he has to make a decision. .His conclusion may be that physical activity is good for elementary students and should improve the students in class. .Diagram shown: Observations Question Prediction Test - either test supports hypothesis or test does not support hypothesis revise hypothesis or pose new one. Digest medical stories with a grain of salt .Professor said it is a good idea to print out the articles that he is discussing in class. .NNT - number needed to treat .Many research articles greatly exaggerate the importance of their article. .Be careful when you hear claims of wonderful research or wonderful outcomes. .Much research in the drug industry is funded by large corporations. .Fewer than 1 in 4 of the researchers acknowledged receiving funds. .Make sure you get the original copy of research articles - go the library and find the journal. The scientific method .Areas of study such as chemistry and biology, physics are called Science because of the method of study NOT the content. .>Chemistry > alchemy, .>Astronomy > astrology. .Alchemy is where people tried to turn certain metals into gold. .Astrology does not generate knowledge. Page 2 of6 .Video clip was shown to the class giving each person their horoscopes that were created for them. .They were then asked to pass them back on to others and then they were asked to read those as well. .They had all received the same horoscope. .The personality descriptions were all similar. .People like to believe that certain things are true. .Astrology does not generate knowledge. The scientific method .The techniques used to get at knowledge that is reliable, truthful, and factual are referred to as Science. Assumptions of Science 1. There is a real and knowable universe. 2. The universe operates according to understandable rules or laws. 3. The laws of the universe are immutable. 4. The laws can be understood by careful observation, experimentation, and research. .Immutable - means they don't change. .IN this course we cover a lot of terms and on an exam you need to know what those terms are. .Example given he drops a remote - it always go
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