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Lecture 8

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3030
William Gage

Behavioural Properties of the musculotendinous unit - Stored energy is found in 2 elastic components (series and contractile) - After being stretched, muscles will go back to their original length Second slide- same title - We rely on muscles to contract and develop tension which is a force transmitted to bones by the tendons as muscle shorts, causes bone to move - Muscles pull on bone to cause movement Structural organization of skeletal muscle - How do you classify a muscle? Functionally, appearance, etc... - Parts of the same muscle can be innervated by different nerves - Why is it good we have muscles that come in pairs and functionally oppose each other? We get balance of forces and control of movement - You can get smooth movements through transitions Next slide –same title - When motor nerves is stimulated then muscles co
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