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York University
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KINE 3350
Kathy Broderick

10/10/2013 8:32:00 AM AGEISM AND DRIVING  Transportation is a number one concern for old ppl – gives them independence and they are not isolated  Study in Ontario: found that a lot of old ppl are involved in collisions (but still less than 19 year olds)  Ageism: saying that old ppl are “licensed to kill”  They have more collisions that other ppl based on how far they drive o They drive less kilometers, and they drive on the streets (not highways) Loosing a license  Very devastating when they loose a license  Loss of pride  Rely on other ppl  For men, driving was a symbol of power and freedom – so they are devastated more than women  Women who drove when they were in their 30’s were very independent so they have a loss of that too  Baby boomers have to drive their parents to doctor app’s now  If someone tells a senior they cant drive – they would never be forgiven, bc driving is important to them  Some ppl think that taking their licesence away is a type of elder abuse Decline in driving ability after 50  Harder to focus on things (takes a longer time to focus)  Vision is not that great  Reaction time is slower  Reduced peripheral vision  Don’t have great depth perception – stop really far away from the stop sign, since they cant tell how far the sign is  They have bad night vision  Muscles are weaker (putting on breaks, turning the wheel and turning the head)  Mental decline (cognitively slower – difficult to concentrate) Medical conditions  You can be a great driver at old age, but if you have a med problem that can affect their driving  Problem is that they don’t know that they have the medical decline bc they live with it  People driving when they had a stroke – paralyzed on half their body  Knee and hip replacement  Fatigue from medication  A lot of ppl drive with dementia – more prone to accidents than drunk drivers o They can drive, but their ability to react is impaired Warning signs  Older ppl are prone to senior moments behind the wheel  They lose their car  Lack of concentration  Fail to observe signs  When cops stop them – they don’t know why they were stopped  They put on their signal and change lanes right away  They get startled by pedestrians  They drive too slow  They brake abruptly  They have no concept on the size of their car Seniors are good drivers  Many don’t drive in high crash conditions (bad weather, night time)  They avoid left hand turns  A lot of old ppl recognize they shouldn’t drive and lose their confidence (so they stop working) Doctors – gate keepers  Have to report if ppl arent capable of driving anymore: if they don’t do this they can be fined  Sometimes the doctor may not recognize that the person is still driving; other times, they may feel bad about taking it away  Doctors know that it is their responsibility, but still find it hard to take the license away  Its also the responsibility of the police and other citizens to know when someone should have their license taken away  Men tend to keep driving, women wont when they feel they arent capable  Its generally the bad drivers that are the ones that continue to drive Ministry of transportation  Upto 1996 – you have to take a road test when your old (but now its considered ageism)  Now the rule is that you have to take a hearing exam, visual exam and a written test (after 80); they might be sent to a road test, but don’t have to be  If their license is taken away they can reapply which costs $500 Drivable  Dr. Dogs – came up with a way to assess ppls driving (objective test that can be used to say if ppl can drive) o The test cost $500, but ppl are willing to pay  The test is considered ageism – why should a screening tell them they cant drive Research  Looking at how we could keep old ppl driving for a long t
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