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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3350
Kathy Broderick

17 January, 2012 ( Lecture Notes ) 1. Diversity of Seniors 1. Men and Women  Finances o Senior men are more financially secure than senior women o Women live longer and didn’t work and if they did they were probably paid less o Less pensions since they work less  Health - Men’s Health o Women live longer than men o Its more due to behavior than biology o In terms of health men are at higher risk – they tended to smoke and drink more then women o Men have problem of accumulating body fat around abdomen o Men want to be looked after o Chances of survival for men were much higher if they did have a wife o Men had more dangerous jobs - Women’s health o Suffer poor health for 7 years o Men only suffer poor health for 4 years o More women in nursing homes since older men tend to marry younger. o Could be due to women living longer or men not saying they don’t feel well o Women are poorer so they experience poor health o They suffer from more arthritis so they experience more pain o Suffer more mental illness – could be cause they admit to it  Suicide o Older adults have the highest rate of suicide than any other cohort o Mainly due to depression o Men are 4 times more likely to commit suicide – could be due to the fact that women admit to chronic diseases, depression etc more so than man o Women may be better dealing with stress since they have had to raise kids o Men tend to keep emotions to themselves o Reasons for suicide in men – loss of spouse, loss of job, financial reasons, quiet depression (they don’t admit to it and its there) o Seniors who have incontinence, emphysema, bad news from doctors o Found that seniors who take their lives no longer felt needed o Found that suicide decreased during Christmas time o ¼ of seniors are successful where only 1/20 children are  Older women 1 o Diversity is changing o Older women are divorcing more o Outliving more o At 60 and 70 many women see their lives as just getting started o They tend to have a lot more friends o They want to enjoy themselves  Older men o More difficulty accepting aging process o Cant give up the stereotypes of being the man o Men don’t have the social network that women had o If older men married a well educated women they have a lower risk of dying because they are more likely to be looked after o More men than women don’t think they have their life’s ahead of them  Marriage o Find that men will remarry right away if the wife died if they have had a happy marriage because they loved that lifestyle that the wife provided for them o Women are less likely to remarry ElderAbuse Harm caused to a person (65+)  More women get it  Alot of cases are not reported  70% is cause by the children or grandchildren  30% are spouses of either sex  They say the financial abuse will be the crime of the century since the kids want that money and taking their assets 4 kinds of abuse 1. Financial (people taking over cheques) Financial Abuse is the highest. 2. Psychological – not spoken to etc (lock them in room, not talk to them) -Brook Ester son got charged because of abusing her mother. 3. Physical (not feeding, hitting) 55 Year old man was send due to making her mother starve. 4. Sexual – employees of nursing home have done 1 in 12 Canadians are abused. 2 2. Income  Elderly without money o 15-30k a year o Many of them own their own house and paid for it but property tax is going up o In 2009 they have a home owner property tax grant o Renters – rent goes up o How do they pay for all this in a fixed income?’ o Landlords want to evict them o They have the tenant protection act – to prevent eviction o Food costs (inflation on food cost) o Older people also become homeless o Number of elderly in food shelters is climbing and majority is women  Elderly with an average income o 30-60k – 30% of elderly o This is the group that fell into the trap in the 1990’s when stock markets crashed o These are the people who are still working today
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