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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3350
Kathy Broderick

th Basic Concept of Aging (10 Jan, 2011 Lecture Notes) Basic Concepts of Aging: 1. NormalAging  People are now differentiating from normal aging and aging from disease  Age does not correlate with disease but it does make it more likely  Medically there may not be anything wrong with you and the body just wares out = normal aging  Today we even fight normal aging with all the technology to get new hips, heart, and anti-aging etc 2. Lessened Reserve Capacity  Every body has a reserve capacity to do things but its lessened resulting in….. a. Slowness – old people becoming slower in processing information (but can do it with more time) and physically b. Stress – older people have lessened reserve capacity (i.e. travel, baking, worry about their family, doctor appointment, and definitely stressed out by change (i.e. mess up their routine) c. Homeostatic Equilibrium – keeps body in balance state and as we get older its gets disrupts (i.e. high blood pressure, glucose etc) d. Pacing – must pace themselves because it takes them longer now 3. Use it or loose it – common theme in gerontology in that if they use the skills they have they will be able to maintain them and vice versa a. Physical – staying active/mobile b. Psychological – mind skills c. Social – continue to interact with friends and family (if you have strong relationships with friends and family you are 50% more likely to live long – study showed) 4. Impact on Lifestyle a. Exercise – older seniors don’t get it b. Nutrition – older senior don’t get it c. Stress Management – not as familiar with it as younger people The Joy of Slope – book that she said  Talks about how there’s not enough leisure time for older people to retire  People keep on working  In Germany it mandatory to take a full 6 weeks of break without doing any work  Also says that from stress you can get leisure sickness – i.e. go on vacation and get stress, or take a break and get more stress and are more vulnerable to illness Anti Aging 1. AntiAging Business  In Canada it is a 35 billion dollar business  There are two sets of people the practitioners that believe in it and there are the critics who say it is not supported by scientific evidence 2. AntiAging Cosmetics  You cant pass shopper drug mart without going through the cosmetic section  Botox = botulism, food poisoning  100’s of family doctors in Ontario classify themselves as cosmetic surgeons - and there has been a few deaths  Now they have new legislations that doctors have to be surgeons to perform this 3. AntiAging Clinics and Wellness Centers and Spas  This area is booming 4. Genome Testing  Dr. Chin – Guru of DNAtesting where she well take a swab from check and tell you if you are at risk for certain diseases and she will design a program for you (cost 2000$ and another 1000$ for supplements and vitamins)  Positives: can find out if your healthy, or how minimize your risk or cope with it  Negatives: people don’t really understand genetics to the full extent that they should, scientists admit that DNAis very poorly understood, it most importantly creates worries or worry well – do you want to know that you are at risk for heart disease or dementia etc 5. AntiAging Diets  i.e. diets with antioxidants will help with aging  Nutra-system – you can eat all the chocolates you want and look 20 years younger  There are people that if you restrict calories you will live longer/extend your life 6. AntiAging Dentistry  Angel Lifts – prevents people from getting wrinkles around their mouth  Also are now doing botox 7. AntiAging Sex  They say that the best sex is when people are old  Advertise by having old people wear lingerie and making them look good etc HealthyAging 1. Dr. Micheal Roizen  Believes in REALAG
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