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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3350
Kathy Broderick

28 February, 2012 KINE 3350 Physicians and Medications:  Many doctors are not trained to deal with elderly  They write poorly  Celebrex – arthritic pain  Celexa – antidepressant  With bad writing which one are you getting?  They often over prescribe  We need more physicians dealing with geriatric conditions The Patient and Medications:  Old people don’t communicate clearly  They can’t hear  They don’t know why they are taking them  Do specialists know all the drugs you are taking  0.05 or .5 or 5 (hard to see difference when doctors write them)  QD everyday QOD (every other day) Danger with medications:  They forget to take them  More is better – and they take more  Vioxx for arthritis – worked and people started taking more  People stop taking medications because they feel better  Pill containers are difficult to read and distinguish and open  They have to chop up some pills to take less  Old people borrow pills  3 Main Dangers: 1. Adverse effects/side effects 2. Improperly prescribed by physician 3. Non – compliance Rules:  List of drugs and dosages  Discuss medication with doctors and pharmacy  Should use the same pharmacy so they know which drugs they are taking  Take medications as directed by doctor  Throw away expired medications  Store medication in cool place (not bathroom) Internet and drugs:  Alot of people use internet to learn about drugs and often self-medicate themselves Personality Types  They have found the personality types are pretty stable  Aperson whose cheerful at age 30 will be cheerful at age 70  Aperson whose a bitch at age 30 will be a bitch at age 70  Neugarten – Kansas City Study o Neugarten was a lady who did personality study called the Kansas city study and it is still used today in psychology books as looking to how people adapt to their aging and their personality o They found men to be more nurturing and women to be more aggressive as they got older o She came up with 6 types of personality 1. Mature – integrated o Very satisfied with their lives o Realistic about life and death o Don’t mind retiring 2. Armored defensive o Very ambitious and stubborn o They are independent and want to continue to be o They fight aging (they don’t like birthdays) o Don’t want to retire 3. Angry o They blame others/jealous o They think health care system is pathetic in Canada o Complain about the youth of today 4. Passive dependent – rocking chair o The sweet old lady that sits in her rocking chair and lets everyone do everything for her o She does not want to be independent o Very sweet and clever o These are the clever ones who make you do everything 5. Self hater o Blame themselves o Low self-esteem o Are isolated 6. Disorganized o Older people that have dementia o They have poor coping skills o Very little satisfaction with their life o They are confused o They can live like this for a long time Retirement  Retirement age o The public sector such as government civil services retired at about 58 o The private sector (lawyers, doctors) retired at about 62 o Self employed – 65 o Than we had the recession and retirement got affected o Now the average retirement is 68 now so it went up o And they say the baby boomers will increase this  Reason for retirement o Mandatory retirement (i.e. firefighter or pilots or company contracts that require you too o Some retire because they have the money o Some retire because they lost their job o Work alcoholics are very scared to o Some cant retire because of the recession o Freedom 55 and freedom 75 – those with money can retire at 55 and those that don’t will have to continue to work till 75 o Find the blue collar worker don’t mind to retire because their job did not give them meaning whereas a doctor would not want to r
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