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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3430
Janelle Joseph

Lecture #8 Gender and Canadian Sport History -sport is all about bodies. Question: What is the connection between sex, gender, and sexuality? Answer: sex- biological gentiles, hormones. All biology has elements of social construction. -Male and Female ** Blur between the two sexes. Because women can be born with testes as well (caster semenya, ciara) -stereotypes help construct the world, yet make things more complicated. gender- can be a personal decision , social construction. How a body is represented. How it is perceived in culture. Identities of masculinity and femininity become apparent. - Male and Female, become blurred. Males can perform femininity and females can perform masculinity. In sport this causes issues because it argues what is “normal”….”tomboy girl”….or a boy who is “Feminine” and deemed to “queer” to play in a sport. -talking about many bodies. -there is a blur between masculinity and femininity. ***It is context specific. When a female is out at a gala wearing a gown she is seen as feminine. When she is out winning 800 m sprints, she s considered masculine -bruce lee performs his masculinity through martial arts. There is a grace in his masculinity sexuality- socially constructed to whatever your preference is -whom you choose to have sexual relations with -Homosexuality or Heterosexuality. These do not capture all sexuality. There is bisexuality, asexuality. -in sport, your sexuality determines who is allowed to play and who isn’t allowed to play Gender -not just about women (sex category) -about performances of masculinity and femininity -may or may not be linked to sex Masculinity Dominant Characteristics: Sport and Games: -toughness/strength -Served as entertainment, fun, and reinforced -alcohol intake connections between bodily skill and masculine identity -patriarchy -heterosexual -violence -created men-only spaces for celebration of physicality -exposed weakness of manhood Early Canada -differences between men and women were of degree not kind -both helped with survival, farming and defending the property -not till Victorian period did attitudes about masculine entitlement to the public sphere and female sexual reproduction take hold -Military reaffirmed positions of men as: colonial protectors defenders of home and family heads of households ’rightful’ lea
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