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May 2 Sport Psychology Intro 3 hr lecture. Competition, potential, success, performance.

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 4520
Paul Dennis

KINE 4520Sport Psychology SeminarMay 2 2011slides not posted onlineperformance psychology in coaching teaching etcteam psychologist should not recommend whether a team should accept a player based of of psyche bc no evidence what psychological potential is because everyone has life altering experiences that effects them eg becoming a millionaire playerhow will they respond We dont know If very disciplined than can predict that will be okay but dont know If at 13 we tell a kid you have the potential if great as a kid but others wcompetition performance potentialpotential ones capacity to develop their skills overtimeeg Malcolm Gladwellwrote the tipping point blink and outliers Was a great 13 yr old runner setting records and then he lost and quit 10 years later only 1 of the top 15 ranked athletes for the 1500m in Canada in 1977 made it to the olympics in 1987 Dave Reid Where did the other 14 come from ONe was Consiglio not very good when young but great when olderVIDEO The Winner Takes It Alleach photo in video will be talked about later Focuses on emphasis of winning There are 29 other teams that want to win the Stanely Cup
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