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May 9 Personality 3 hour lecture. Personality, OCEAN, genetics, mental toughness, emotional intelligence

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 4520
Paul Dennis

KINE 4520 May 9 2011MOTIVATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY PERSONALITYDoes a s distinct elite athletic personality profile existDo people choose a sport based on their personality What motivates an athlete to engage in a fight to the deathAre star athletes born or made Platobelieved highest level of success was predeterminedAristotlesuccess is gained through training and learningEricssonresearched the value of persistence and hard work atstate universityNatural Talent MythExpert performance in sport is typically the result of deliberate practice as opposed to natural inborn talent Ericsson 2003Ericsson found that the people we believe are natural talents have been practicing most of their lives and practice 35 hours per day more is too much burn out eg Lebron James Prof talks about Wayne Gretszky and rushing to get dressed to go on ice early to warmup for warmup and others from the team followed Some argue that the reason Wayne Gretszky Serena williams Lebron James have a protein in their brain thatBDNF allows them to learn a skill quicker than average allowing for more confidence and gaining risks and pick up things earlier than the rest of us Can successful athletic performance be predicted on the basis of personality or intelligence assessment Most evidence show that this is not accurate but one single event has been built up in the press as evidence that psychological test in predicts athletic success Two football players Peton Manning and Ryan Leafboth really good university quarterbacks On an aptitude test Peyton Manning scored better on the Wonderlick test and he was chosen by professional team It happens that he did well But the test has shown that it is a very poor predictor of success In 1995 quarterbacks chosen in the 1st round draft So those who were smarter and scored higher on the test are supposed to be a better quarterback Its a myth that the smarter you are the better you are as an athlete Thomas Tutko published Athletic Motivation INventory AMIpredicts athletic success based upon personalityOver 1000 published studies have shown an inconclusive relationship Why It was published as a book so people believed it although there was no evidencePerformance is determined bySkill level
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