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Tutorial 7 Newell Article Study Questions

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MGMT 1030
Michael Stevenson

Study Questions for Newells The Rationality of Mechanization in the Pacific Canning Industry before the Second World WarA lot of description in Chinese native and immigrant workers women and everyday people involvementTechnological adoption isnt the only way isnt necessarily backward1What is the primary thesis of Newells articleShe shows that the fragile and cyclical character of the natural resourcethe labor system employed and the remote andisolated locations of individual productionunits all affected cannery operatorsdecisions about technology adoption and that the persistence of manual labor reflected rational not reactionary business choices2What was the size and scope of the salmon canning industry along the Pacific coast in the late decades of the nineteenth century and the first decades of the twentieth centuryBegan 1864 California Making cans was new Theres a market for salmon who can buy salmons railway and steamships to satisfy consumer demandNorth pacific Salmon fishing was one of the largest commercial fishery in the worldDominated the entire fishery on the West Coast of NA10400000 cases of Canned salmon were produced in 1918Seasonal supply supply scattered throughout NA lack transportat
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