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Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1760
Philip Mac Ewen

Logic is a discipline oReasoning is a subjectThere are 2 skills you must master if you want to be a success public speaking and critical thinkingWords like therefore thus then accordingly it follows that hence therefore thueoIndicate a conclusionWords like because since if m given the fact that in view of in light of foroIndicate a premisesSubject is what a claim talks aboutA predicate is somethingoQuick quiz 12o2We dont know if she intentionally misinforming the audienceConclusion is at the beginning Argument mapP1 she Mary claimed to have attended the conferenceP2 she hadnt attended the conferenceC Mary liedo7Subject is the occupy movementPredicates is failedSubject is its proposalsPredicate is not acted on P1 none of itsthe occupy movements proposals were acted onC the occupy movement has ultimately failedClaim 1She is a phi beta kappa 2 All phi beta kappa are book worms and therefore 3she must be a bookwormoP1 she is a phi beta kappaoP2 all phi beta kappas are book worms
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