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Lecture 12

MODR 1730 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Terri Schiavo Case, James Rachels, Walt Frazier

Modes Of Reasoning
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MODR 1730
Patrick Phillips

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January 13, 2016
Lecture 12
Modes of Reasoning
Taxonomy: Science of classification
Fallacy: Removes and clears away a bad argument
6 Types of Fallacies
1. Personal Attack Fallacies
There are 5:
1) Genetic Fallacy
2) Abusive ad Hominem
3) Circumstantial
4) . Tu Quoque
5) Poisoning The Well
Attacking a thesis, institution
or idea by where it’s issued
from, condemning its
background or origin
Attacking the character of the
opposing speaker rather than
his/her fallacy
Attacking the opposing
speaker by implying vested
Attempting to show than an
opponent doesn’t act in accord
with his/her thesis
Attempting to preclude
discussion by attacking the
credibility of an opponent
America will never settle
down; look at the rabble-
rousers who founded it
He should clearly not be our
leader. He has admitted to
being a homosexual
Sure he opposes rent
control; he owns two
apartment buildings,
doesn’t he?
How can she tell me to
exercise more when I know
that all she does is sit
behind a desk?
This man has lied his way
out of far tougher situations
than this. Why should we
listen to him?
2. Mob Appeal
Using emotion-laden
terminology to sway
people en masse
I appeal to you as the most
downtrodden and abused
people In this earth. Rise up
and follow me!
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