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Lecture 11

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Rebecca Jubis

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May 26 Lecture Notes Final Exam: th June 15 , Wednesday, 9am to noon in ACW 206 Last 5 digits of the student number is what the scantron mark will be listed under Avg. 72% of the scantron – pretty good There will be 2 marks listed as NA because the student number didn’t go thru Mid-1950s Rock and Roll Styles Generated a lot of issues with racial issues Became a lightening rod for the mainstream population in USA and Canada 3 main issues: 1. race – blacks vs. whites 2. caused delinquency 3. suggestive lyrics – sex! Cover Versions (Crew Cuts: Sh-Boom) 1. Artists (Black  white) 2. Instrumentation (no honking sax) 3. Vocal delivery 4. Tempo and the drove (often slower than original) 5. Lyrics (muted sexual content) 6. Form altering music and gave back something that was quite different from what it took Vocal Group (Chords: Sh-Boom) Gospel/Blues-Based Rockabilly Acoustic and Electric Guitar/Slap Bass Memphis (Elvis: Blue Moon of Kentucky) Jump Band • Horn/Piano-Based (Little Richard: Tutti Frutti) • Guitar-Based (Chuck Berry: Maybellene) All of the record labels were trying to tap into the teen market with available money Listened to: “Ida Red” by Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys (guitar: Leon McAuliffe) Something Chuck Berry listened to and auditioned to 2 white guys Listen to the guitar groove – country 2 beat (drew a lot of polka) Double-stops on the guitar – playing 2 notes at the same time Berry had 3 types of songs he performed (to appeal to teen audiences): Romance Cars No school His first hit? Maybellene “Maybellene” Chuck Berry (1955) 1 May 26 Lecture Notes -no overt “He’s contaminating kids with this line!” but you can definitely see his 3 themes in the song if you use your imagination -a twist on country music The In-Between Years (1958-1964) 1. Loss of Leaders/Innovators of the Initial Period of Rock and Roll (1958) • Buddy Holly (dead) • Elvis Presley (got conscripted into the army) • Chuck Berry (ferrying a 16 year old girl (minor) in his car across state lines- jail for 2 years) • Little Richard (went back into church as minister – tax shelter – saw the end of his career) • Jerry Lee Lewis (bigamist and pedophile – married 2 women, one was 13) Elvis will return! Born in shotgun shack, then visited upon by wise men, and became a star and died for our entertainment sins The end of the world is here! Jesus will visit us all! 2. Payola Scandal • House Special Committee on Legislative Oversight, Owen Harris, Chair. • Investigation of fraud in television game shows (e.g. “Twenty-One”) begins in November 1959 • So the contestants were being coached – corruption • A lot of noise about the entertainment industry – good for politicians who wanted to stamp out rock and roll • ASCAP (New York – a lot of old publishers and composers- shut out of rock and roll industry) • BMI (radio industry – a lot of independents) – delivery of R&B and rock and roll to a significant number of people • ASCAP pushes for a similar investigation into the interlocking interests between radio (BMI) and (Indie) record labels • Who to bring to congressional meeting? There were hundreds of indie record labels • Indie Records
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