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Lecture 15

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MUSI 1530
Rebecca Jubis

Avg was 22/30 – pretty consistent with scantron mark Hendrix and Rolling Stones tomorrow Canadian Music Industry Historical Addendum – won’t be on exam, but good to know anyway Music Publishing 1800s  Dependence of Canadian musicians on US Publishers  Lack of local publishing facilitiles  Side-activity to retailing foeign music/sale of instruments  High Printing Costs  Small domestric demand  Lacked connection to larger foreign publishing houses  Primacy of Toronto as publishing capital 1850-1900  Advent Around 69/70 rock culture became mainstream Huge impact, especially in Canada Pre-1970 Popular Music Industry in Canada  Few records were made in Canada o Had an assortment of Indies who’s aim was to make music for a local, specific market  Recording were promotional vehicles for performance (parallel to USA) o Dances (high school, YMCA, Church basements) o Bars o Coffee houses: bohemian enclaves – Yorkville (Toronto), Kitsillano (Vancouver), Boîtes à Chanson (Quebec) o Concerts (Arenas)  Festivals (Mariposa folk Festival) o Most important festival o THE first major festival in Canada o Same thing as the US Folk Revival  1960 “Clap Your Hands” Beaumarks, first Canadian-made rock recording  1958 Ronnie Hawkins (1958) – Rockabilly o Came up to Canada (he’s American) o Started to play with Canadian musicians  “The Band” came out of this o Brought a more hard-edges, blues-oriented sound (he’s from Tennessee)  1966 Estimated 1400 bands in Toronto – Folk Blues inspired musical culture o All genres and varieties  Canadian contribution was mostly in the area of Singer/Songwriters Buffy Saint-Marie, Qu’Appelle Valley, Saskatchewan (1941-)  One of the earliest singer/songwriters  Cree activist singer/songwriter whose songs reflect native heritage and politics  Earliest albums appeared at the height of the 1960s Folk Revival  Continues to perform, is an officer of the Order of Canada, and has received a number of lifetime achievement distinctions, including joining the Western Canadian Music Awards Hall of Fame in 2007  “Universal Soldier” was inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2005 Now That The Buffalo’s Gone Saint-Marie (1964) *lyrics* Canadian Arists 1 Guy Lombardo Hank Snow FGlenn Gould Wilf Carter Oscar Peterson The Crew Cuts Paul Anka 1960s-70s The Guess Who The Band Neil Young Joni Mitchell Ian Sylvia Tyson Leonard Cohen Gordon Lightfoot Anne Murray Rush  Had to go to the USA once a career arrived at a certain point – couldn’t advance here anymore  Had to do with the nature of the recording business  Made some records here, but not enough  WAS a presence of major record compani
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