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MUSI 2520
Ron Nelson

Lecture 2: Newcleus  There is a reason why this group stands out  Only recorded two albums  Categorized as electronic funk -- techno hip hop o It is very electronic and dancy  They came together in 1977, were formed from jam on production  They had cousins, a couple (that was going to be married), most were in high school  Better than Sugarhill gang because nucleus performed for the audience whereas Sugarhill gang was like a house band  Compared to others, this group all plays instruments  Hip hop is the story of defying the norm  Only band that mattered to dirty nelson in the history of hip hop  Was played at a lot clubs which played funk and dance music  One of the managers saw that the sound was sped up and this is where the wiki wiki thing came along  Had a space theme throughout their careers o One of the few groups that had a concept o They were a two hit wonder (the two on the list) Whodini  Only silvia robinson was able to tap into what the radio wanted  These guys had extremely radio friendly songs  Called rap pioneers , True rap innovators  Only a couple of people that we recognize: Jalil and Ecstasy, & Grandmaster D (DJ)  Whodini album ESCAPE tied with Run-DMC for the first album to go platinum (kings of rock)  Whodini redefined Rap Music  Rappers were no longer gentlemanly
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