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MUSI 2520

Schulich School of BusinessYork UniversityWinter 2014Course OutlineACTG 202030 Management Accounting Concepts Section Z ClassWednesdays 1130am230pm LabThursdays 530pm700pmInstructor Joelle Pokrajac MBA CMA 4167362100 Ext 77928 S344C Seymour Schulich BuildingjpokrajacschulichyorkucaOffice hoursMondays 11301230 or by appointmentSecretary Filomena Petrilli 4167365063 S344K Seymour Schulich Building fpetrillschulichyorkuca Brief Description This core course stresses the understanding of basic accounting concepts which underlie management decisions for performance appraisal pricing output financing investment and other purposes encountered in various organizational settingsEmphasis is placed on applying these concepts in case situations rather than on technical aspects of management accountingPrerequisitesCorequisites CoRequisite SBACTG 2011 300Course Credit ExclusionCourse Credit Exclusion GLECON 2720 300 Course objectivesManagement Accounting is intended to be a tool to facilitate decision making Accounting information in the context of this course is seen as a means to facilitate effective management decisions rather than an end in itselfie the focus is more on management than accountingTo understand how management accounting is useful we must first recognize the context in which these decisions are madeThe objective of this course is to further your understanding of organization settings and their relationship to accounting information The course is case oriented and stresses both a managers and an accountants perspective on accounting informationWe will be using both real and simulated case scenarios to explore the possibilities and the limitations of management accounting data and techniquesIn this way we will examine a wide range of organizational settingsIn the classroom discussions we will focus on what decisions need to be made and then identify the tools or management accounting concepts that would best facilitate those decisions Students are encouraged to think about the application of all techniques studiedThis requires an ability to both diagnose and evaluate a situation and analyze the techniques based on their implicit assumptions their costs and benefits and their usefulness for decision making This course involves a decision orientation or decision approach to learning with an emphasis on developing critical thinking skills Memorizationuse of templatesgeneric solutions are not the focus and will not help you understand the subject matter Students will be required to present convincing and compelling arguments to support their positionApplication of concepts and critical thinking are crucial and imperative aspects of this courseThemes of the Course 1 Different management decisions require different types of management accounting information Unlike financial accounting there are no rules or guidelines that specify how information is to be presented Rather a guiding principle is the decision usefulness of information for any particular decision2 There is a costbenefit tradeoff to consider when determining the extent of information needed for a particular decision Particular tools may provide more accurate information than others but the incremental cost of this accuracy may outweigh the benefits3 When making suggestionsrecommendations always consider alternatives4 Consider multiple perspectivesWhat information is relevant to whom and for what purpose 5 Always consider the context surrounding a decision that needs to be made large vs small company startup vs mature company etc6 Consider both qualitative and quantitative aspects of a particular decision These themes are reinforced throughout the term by class discussions cases and examinations 2
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