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Lecture 9

MUSI 2520 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Koala, Illbient, Mix Master Mike

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MUSI 2520
Ron Nelson

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Instrument to artform- dj to turntable
-the word it was all dj’s until someone came up with the word “turntablism” that was dj babu
-1995 was when the term came to be
-jamaican dubbing tradition from the 70s is the prototype to turntablisma AND DJ
-two dubbing legends=king tubby and lee scratch perry
-first dj to blend records together=francis grasso
-technical term for blending records is called slip-cueing, created by francis grasso
Synchronizing the switch bay between records
-grand wizard theodore he came up with a technique: scratching, the baby-scratch (sub
3 techniques
-flare scratch
-transformer scratch
-crab scratch
Grand mixer DXT<-cool herc equal and grand wizard theodore are two seperate people.
-grand mixer dxt was on the herbie hancock video rockit from 1984 grammy awards (first
-whats the name of the first all turntablist album= “return of the dj” -1995
Mid 90s-return of the DJ’s after MC took spotlight
DJ doing record without MC=big deal
-first turntablist only album no MC
Crews on the return of dj
-dj babu
-the best junkies
-invisible skratch fiklz
-the cut chemist
-dj ztrip
-a combination of mixing, cutting, scratching, and sampling occuring simultaneously is “beat
-what is a turn tablists basic setup:
Two turntables. You haven’t seen a dj standing up with one turntable in a long time. A mixer,
headphone, and sound system/pa/speakers.
What is the substitution and or aleration of a samples original philosophical theme?
-metaphorical manipulation
-the art of searching for albums beats to harvest for samples is called digging or crate digging
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