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NATS 1760 Lecture Notes - Scientific Revolution, Anthropomorphism, Signify

Natural Science
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NATS 1760
Edward Jones- Imhotep

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Introduction to the Scientific Revolution- jan24
series of changes between sixteenth to eighteenth century
meant to signify a radical change in the way that people see the world, the way they investigate
the world, and the uses those investigations put forth
conceptual transformation
before scientific revolution the world is understood in a certain way, afterwards the place of
human and the way they gain knowledge changes
the: one; whole
scientific: science is an organized body of knowledge, which doesn't emerge until later.... is is
scientific revolution or philosophical revolution?
Revolution: radical change over short period of time; however scientific revolution took place
over 200 years , gradual
Questioning the Scientific Revolution
The New Science
What was known?
past is source of error, Ancients made mistakes, didn't understand the world properly, limited by
instruments and theories
not human centred
they put forth false notions of what the world was like
How was it known?
rise of experimentation
introduction of telescope, microscope
privilege way of generating knowledge surrounding the world
What was the knowledge for?
World before the Scientific Revolution
human beings are at the centre of the universe; humans are the best way to understand the world
earth is nested at center of planets
human beings are physically at center of universe ; if at center of creation they are the focus of
that creation
Aristotle four things that make up the world; fire, air, water, earth
Anthropomorphism: attribute human qualities to things that are not human
explains phenomenon of the world by giving nature human qualities
Scientific Revolution
best way to explain the world is not through human qualities
best way to explain the world is by describe inanimate/ dead matter
model of understanding nature are machines; nature itself is a machine
things we see in world are just the product of mechanical actions
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