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Lecture 23

NATS 1775 Lecture Notes - Lecture 23: Big Science, Cavity Magnetron, Pea Galaxy

Natural Science
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NATS 1775
Vera Pavri

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Technology in WW2
Jan 11
BIG SCIENCE ** Know for exam
(1 of our exam questions are likely to be on this one topic)
- why do we call big science projects big science? they are expensive, require a lot of
human power
- they are interdisciplinary use different disciplines to come together
- They are linked to military and government institutions
- Big science requires some type of justification so you can tell the citizens of a country
what is going on
- Come up with something that works concrete have something to show for all your
o Produce concrete results
- Basic research and applied research might be about a major scientific discovery or
technology as applied science
- there needs to be a balance maintained in these projects
- Vannebar Bush was a senior technical advisor in US
o He became concerned about whether or not the US were gonna be successful if
they entered WW2
He was worried the Nazis became advanced in their equipment and
thought the US was lagging behind in certain areas of development
- The Nazis didt at to repeat  istakes i  they didt at treh
o So they developed new military strategy tanks and airplanes called the
Strategy was about quick strike both air and ground tanks (ground),
airplanes (air)
To avoid problem of long drawn out war this was a successful
- Creation of national defence research council
- Very early o orgaizatios deided that oe thig they didt aa support is sall
scale research
o Instead invest in bigger scale corporations that has a history of doing lots of good
things in science and technology (big money is going to big institutions)
o Electronic research starts to take off in ww2
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find more resources at
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