NATS 1840 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Feudalism, Sugar Beet, Financial Centre

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9 Feb 2016
SC/NATS 1840 – Lecture 6 - The Struggle to Control Capital – The Environment as
a Pawn in A Global Game
Political Underpinnings of the Industrial Revolution
- Industrial Revolution, technological and management based change, explosion in
production and consumption
- Population increase before industrial revolution
- Political and economic forces, attitude towards the environment, natural objects as
resources for exploitation
- Feudalism to mercantilism to capitalism
- Mercantilism: economic system, nations maintain a positive balance of trade,
more exports than imports, hoard specie (gold or silver)
Modes of Production before the Industrial Revolution
- Modes of production before Industrial Revolution:
oArtisanal production: skilled artisans, apprentices, little division of labour,
goods were produced from start to finish by one person
oMass-production: putting-out system, groups of workers perform one
operation on product, work done in small buildings, rural areas, merchant
oFactory production: large numbers of labourers, one place (ship
production, mining)
- Industrial Revolution, mass and factor production dominate, deskilled worker,
lower wages, cheap production, larger scale
- Agricultural workers displaced, work in urban areas, value of income decreases
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