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York University
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NATS 1670
Motti Anafi

Emerging Infectious Diseases Beneficial Roles of Microbes Our body inside and out is full of trillions of microbes. Most are friends; they digest food, and keep us healthy. When the normal composition of our microbial life is thrown out of balance, the human host can get into serious trouble such as obesity, inflammation, allergies, and many others. Furthermore, our environment is totally independent on microbial life. For example microbes are responsible for much of the oxygen and organic molecule on this planet. 99.99% of microbes are working in synergism with us. We cannot survive without them even for a very short time. People who are taking antibiotics find out they have secondary infections because they kill the good microbes. Microbes are not our enemy. There are some that can cause some problems. But generally this is part of our organism. In agriculture, microorganisms help break down waste. Microbes are reached to treat sewage and decompose garbage. They are used to make foods such as cheese and breads. There are bacteria in our large intestine that absorbs vitamins. Animals have enzymes that help break down food. A very tiny amount of microbes act as pathogens. Microorgani
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