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Lecture 10

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Natural Science
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Motti Anafi

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Diversity of Microbes Other than Prokaryotes Fungi-Eukaryotic organism • It is a bit larger than bacteria; 5-10 microbes in size, oval shaped, looks like a lemon in some ways. Yeast is an example Yeast-you can use yeast to make breads, etc. It is involved in human disease, though it is quite rare to have a yeast infection that can risk your life. • Eukaryotic unicellular organism • Involved in human diseases such as o Yeast infections o Opportunistic infections (e.g. AIDS)-HIV AIDS kills the important cells in the immune system. 40 million people around the globe are infected with HIV. Today we are using more drugs against cancer, though they are not very selective. In terms of organ transplant, patients must take drugs to weaken their immune system so it doesn’t reject the new organ. PCP AIDS is causing problems. Used in the food industry o Baker’s yeast o Alcohol production Molds Filamentous fungi with a mycellial structure o Mycellial is a highly branched system of tubes that contain mobile cytoplasm with many nuclei. Molds are used for production of citric acid and antibiotics: Antibiotics were first found yeast was discovered by alexander Flemming. Discovere noticed how certain bacteria couldn’t go near the yeast. The yeast was then turned into penisulin and then an a antibiotic o The mold Penicillium produces penicillins Involved in allergic reactions Aspergillosis is the group of diseases caused by the mold Aspergillus- they are often found in decaying organic matter. This disease has high morbidity and mortality. o Opportunistic infection Protozoa o Unicellular eukaryotes Lack a cell wall o They cause
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