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Natural Science
NATS 1670
Motti Anafi

NATS 1670 LECTURE TWO NOTES May 10, 2012 Super-Spreading of SARS Guandong Province, China A hotel in Hong Kong  Fever and pneumonia were first signs in the province of china, with a refusal from the Chinese government to accept these were the first signs of SARS  Conference in Hong Kong rapidly spread from a single “sneeze” , two people were infected and spread SARS o 2 people in Hong Kong, 1 in Vietname, 3 in Singapore (one had travelled right after to Germany) 1 person from Ireland, 1 from the States, and 2 from Canada o Female physician infected her husband, attended hospital, and spread throughout hospitals  Biggest problem in Toronto was the spread through hospital personnel and patients in the hospital o Ability to travel spread SARS Smallpox (Variola major)  Virus that killed 300 million people/year for 5000 years  Initially in China, 2000 BC  Epidemic in Egypt, killed Ramses the 5  Smallpox can only infect humans  30-40% mortality rate  Jenner’s use of cowpox vaccine prevent smallpox Bioterrorism  Anthrax o Letters contained anthrax  Sent to people in media and government to infect o Changed the way postal system run for future o Proved we don’t know what the future knows in the spreading of pathogens o Contained at present time o All deaths were associated with infection through animal  Spread to lungs, symptoms are comparative to pneumonia o 5 people killed through inhalation of anthrax Potential bioterrorism agents: NATS 1670 LECTURE TWO NOTES May 10, 2012 CDC Category A  Anthrax: Bacteria  Bubonic Plaguecan be found in nature  Smallpox: Virus o when smallpox was eradicated, vaccination was discontinued in 1980’s  if smallpox were to return, many would be susceptible o 1972 Russia and United States came together to eradicate smallpox once and for all o One lab in each country will keep one sample of the vaccine for further study o Ken Alibeck, Russian defacto went into the States to tell them after the agreement was signed, Russia fabricated smallpox samples o Worry continues as smallpox samples continue to exist, as no person after 1980 has been vaccinated against the disease o Worry continues as it was used in the past as a biological weapon  French and Indian war  Deliberate gifts infected with smallpox  Tularemia o Found in exotic places  Viral hemorrhagic fevers o A condition resulting in massive, difficult to control bleeding o Hantavirus infections o Ebola virus  Loss of ability to coagulate blood  Botulinum toxin o Pr
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