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NATS 1675 Human Development - Lecture 1

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Natural Science
NATS 1675
Robert Crippen

January 7 , 2013 NATS 1675 – Human Development – Lecture 1 Chapter 1 – General Introduction useful to read Chapter 2 – Chemistry skim through Chapter 3 – Cells Chapter 22 – Evolution Chapter 18 (pp. 419-437) – up to changes in chromosomal number Cells: - microscopic structures that can be described as self-reproducing bags of chemicals - box shaped, surrounded by a cell membrane, contains thick liquid substance, nucleus - cells are the fundamental structural units or building blocks of all ORGANISMs - an ORGANISM is defined as any living thing - cells are composed of PROTOPLASM contained in a membrane (protos = first; plasma = something formed or molded) - PROTOPLASM is the essential material of all cells in living organisms. Life depends on, and arises out of, the continuous chemical activity that occurs in protoplasm. It is also a complex COLLOIDAL SYSTEM. - A COLLOIDAL SYSTEM is a permanent suspension of finely divided particles including large molecules of carbohydrates, lipids (fats), proteins and nucleic acids (RNA & DNA). - KINGDOMS; o MONERA – bacteria & blue-green algae  Organisms are exceedingly small  Have been around a lot longer  They have no organelles  Bacteria have no true nucleus, but they do have DNA  Blue-green algae do have chlorophyll (green pigment involved in photosynthesis)  These organisms have cell walls (like plants) o PROTISTS – single celled organisms previously referred to as protozoans  Many have chlorophyll  Do not have a cell wall  Most of the have the ability to move  Formed eukaryotic cells  True nucleus  Organelles o FUNGI – fungus
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