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Lecture 13

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Natural Science
NATS 1700
Zbigniew Stachniak

Lecture 13 Notes Computing in Canada Part 2: The Age of the Microprocessor - Individual and interactive use of computers was only possible on time-sharing systems -- popular technique allowed multiple-users immediate access to the system’s resources. - In fall of 1971, Intel Corporation announced a new era in integrated electronics to be brought about by the microprocessor -- a computer’s central processing unit on a single integrated circuit. - It allowed the design and manufacture of inexpensive computer hardware - By the end of the 1980s, microprocessor-based computing became a major force in redefining the modern society and engineering its digital future. - Canadian high-technology industry could not properly develop and stay competitive on the world’s market without investing in electronics. - Government teamed up with the Northern Electric Company to research, develop, and manufacture a variety of electronic devices such as transistors, diodes, and integrated circuits. - Northern Electric transformed its Advanced Devices Center to a new company called Microsystems International Ltd. (MIL) Head quarters in Montreal, facility in Ottawa o Focus was o
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