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Natural Science
NATS 1730
Kenton Kroker

Nov 14 2012 - Newton – monsters were irregularities of nature (god was a monster) - God structured the universe in a perfect - Experiment is important for newton - Crucial experiment – crux (central point of an argument) o Crucible - Looking for absolute proof (so is Descartes) - Develops mathematical models then conducts experiments - - the prism experiments - Newton was really interested in alchemy, didn’t believe in the trinity, worked at the mint, extraordinarily secretive Movie - Newton’s family made 700 lbs. a year - Was able to send him to school - Went to trinity college at Cambridge in 1661 - Lead a secluded life - When the plague broke out, newton went home - Most of the important experiments began here - “the prime of his invention” – the spectrum, and calculus - Patronage to Isaac barrow - 1670’s to 1680’s – tried to avoid being a priest by meeting with people - Haven for work but also a problem to live at Cambridge - Most of the time he was locked in his study and focussed on his research - Insensitive of criticism and did not like to share his results - 1696 – left Cambridge - Planetary motion - 1684 – delivered lectures about planetary motion, encourage by - King James tried to impose Catholicism on Cambridge - That when newton was drawn into parliament - Charles Montague helped him find a job at the mint (that was his patron) - Became president of society - Buried in Westminster abbey - Apotheosis of Brit
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