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NATS 1745
Robin Metcalfe

LECTURE 1: INTRODUCTIONAND ARCHAEOASTRONOMY January 7, 2014 NATS 1745: History ofAstronomy Archaeoastronomy and the Sun • Earliest evidence of mankind understanding the sky • Archaeological evidence that motion of sun and stars helped to predict behaviour of the movement • Connection to the sun is the earliest sign o Path through the sky follows an easily recognizable cycle essential to survival and tracking time Newgrange (~3200 BC) • Newgrange’s roofbox is aligned to the winter solstice sunrise. o Simple solar connection o On east coast of Ireland o Photograph is not of original structure but a reconstruction of the ruins  Controversy of small details, but main features properly represented o Inside:  Arock passageway which leads to a chamber with three rooms or alcoves  Spiral carvings throughout  Bottom right = watercolour of rocks in centre, rock in middle has a bowl shape  found in other rooms as well • Possibly used to hold ashes of important people o Above the entrance is a carefully constructed square hole  sun rises on shortest day of the year, “winter solstice” • The alignment of the tomb likely reflects a belief in rebirth or reincarnati
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