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Natural Science
NATS 1760
Darrin Durant

5/8/2013 6:04:00 AM Experts tell themselves that b/c they have one domain they master they have a greater degree of confidence that they can figure out other technical domains – psychological / sociological difference. Psychological confidence. Klienmans article is directed to those who do not have a technical degree. 1. He argues the more ppl involved the more democratic the process (model of democracy). More ppl having a say = a more democratic outcome. [Most common model of demos but there are other models of democracies in our world.]  We live with various versions that include bureaucracy (smaller group making decisions for larger groups).  We differ to the judgment of specialist all the time – ex. medical specialists. (nothing undemocratic about this either) 1. Although Klienmans idea of demos is very different from this (greatest # of people). Today: Klienman article: 2 weeks before essay is due for draft feedback Distinction between Scientism (facts vs. values/let experts decide) and Technological progressivism (focused on the means not tasks, technology is a tool for progress/let experts decide). His discourse is when you use each of these you arrive at the same conclusion (experts decide). Ex. Scientism is the idea that facts trump values, most important things – TF experts know most. Kleinman says this is how we get into trouble – we shuffle ourselves out of the equation. Scientism – our values lead us astray, facts lead us to clarity (normative viewpoint is credible). Technological Progressivism – not about the ends, instead about means (ex. means to fly). If you only discuss the means and not the ends you leave things to the experts and become a tech prog. The problem of specialism: you could criticize specialists by suggesting that we all could be one, there is a lot of benefits of to trusting specialists (we realize we are also running a bit of a precarious situation – lack of knowledge). Kleinman thesis: quality of decisions can be improved by getting more people involved. 1. Experts assessments ref
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