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Vera Pavri

York University SC/NATS 1775B 6.0 Technology and Civilization Instructor: Dr. Vera Pavri E-mail: [email protected] Lectures: Tues and Thurs 4-5:30pm, ACE 102 Office Hrs: Thursdays from 5:30pm to 6:30pm, Bethune 217 – Please contact first ______________________________________________________________ Course Description: This course examines the history, development and use of key technologies from antiquity to present day. We will explore how social, political and economic factors can have an effect on the success or failure of new technologies, and the impact new technologies have on society. Key themes that will be surveyed in this course include a) technology, culture, race and gender, b) religion and technology, c) the relationship between science and technology, d) the management of technology, and e) how users shape new technologies. Further information about natural science courses can be found at Class Format: The class is scheduled to meet on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 4-5:30pm. Classes will begin with a lecture followed by a discussion period of class readings. Students are required to remain for both the lecture and discussion periods. Attendance is mandatory. Required Texts: 1. Thomas Misa, Leonardo to the Internet: Technology and Culture from the Renaissance to the Present. 2 Ed. Baltimore: John Hopkins U. Press, 2011. 2. Technology and Civilization Course Reader 3. Ben Goldacre, Bad Science: Quacks, Hacks and Big Pharma Flacks. McClelland & Stewart, 2011. Evaluation: Book Assignment (7%) Due Thursday Nov. 22 2012 Midterm Exam (25%) Held During Fall Exam Period Technological Controversy Paper (25%) Due Thursday March 21 2013 Final Exam (35%) Held During Spring Exam Period Attendance/Participation (8%) Details in class Further information about your book assignment and technological controversy paper can be found in your course package and on the Moodle website. Students with physical, learning or psychiatric disabilities who require reasonable accommodations in teaching style or evaluation methods should discuss this with the Course Director early in the term so that appropriate arrangements can be made. The penalty for late papers is 5% per day and I will not accept papers that are more than three days late. Also, other than documented medical emergencies, students who hand in late papers 1 due to illness will still receive a late penalty. Please note that being ill for a few days before a paper is due does not constitute a medical emergency. Course Website: The course website is: Once you go this website, you must enter in your Passport York User ID and Password in order to access courses. The course is listed under the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Please note that I will provide very detailed lecture notes that will be posted on the course website. Although these notes are extensive, it is still imperative that you come to class. This is because our in-class lectures will highlight what material is most important to know. This will allow you to focus your attention on what you really need to know to do well on exams. Also, don’t forget that participation is worth 8% of your mark. NATS-AID: NATS-AID is a student-run academic support service designed to help York University undergraduate students excel in their Natural Science courses. Their team of dedicated tutors will clarify course material and offer general guidance on assignments, enabling you to complete them independently with a higher degree of success. Tutors are available for most NATS courses. To check tutor availability for your course and contact a tutor, point your web browser to NATS-AID, with the help of instructors, also recruits class representatives for each Natural Science course. Class representatives will assist you in forming study groups to prepare for upcoming quizzes and tests. They will also pass along concerns, compliments, or suggestions about your course or its content to your professor and/or the Division of Natural Science. For more information on class representatives, including how to contact your rep, please visit: General Information: The last date students can enroll in this course without the permission of the instructor is: Sept. 19, 2012 The last date students can enroll in this course with the permission of the instructor is: October 23, 2012 The last date students can drop the course without receiving a grade is: Feb. 15, 2013 Important information for students regarding the Ethics Review process, Access/Disability, Academic Honesty/Integrity, Student Conduct, and Religious Observance Days is available on the CCAS webpage (see Reports, Initiatives, Documents): Students who feel that there are extenuating circumstances which may interfere with the successful completion of the exam or other course requirements are encouraged to discuss the matter with the Course Director as soon as possible. 2 2012-13 SC/NATS 1775B 6.0: Technology and Civilization Lecture Schedule and Readings Date Topic Readings Thursday Sept. 6 Introduction to Course Tuesday Sept. 11 Questions Concerning Technology 1. (T&C Reader) Sergio Sismondo, “Two & Questions Concerning Technology”, pp. 1-9 Thursday Sept. 13 2. (T&C Reader) Melvin Kranzberg, “Technology and History: ‘Kranzberg’s Laws,’” pp. 11-18 3. (Moodle) Paul Leonardi and Michele Jackson, “Technological Determinism and Discursive Closure in Organizational Mergers,” Journal of Organizational Change Management, pp. 615-28. Tuesday Sept. 18 Technology in Ancient Civilizations1. (T&C Reader) James E. Edwards, “Building & the Great Pyramid: Probable Construction Thursday Sept. 20 Methods at Giza,” pp. 19-26 2. (T&C Reader) Nataraja Sarma, “Diffusion of Astronomy in the Ancient World,” pp. 27-36 Tuesday Sept. 25 1. (T&C Reader) Pamela Long, “Technology in & Technology in the Middle Ages the Medieval West,” pp. 39-48 Thursday Sept. 27 2. (T&C Reader) Justin Y. Lin, “The Needham Puzzle: Why the Industrial Revolution did not Originate in China,” pp. 49-60. Tuesday October 2 1. Thomas Misa, Leonardo to the Internet, Chap. & Technology in the Renaissance and 1: Technologies of the Court, pp. 1-32. Thursday October 4 Early Modern Period, Part I 2. (T&C Reader) Sungook Hong, “Historiographical Layers in the Relationship between Science and Technology,” pp. 61-68 Tuesday October 9 Technology in the Renaissance and 1. Thomas Misa, Leonardo to the Internet, Chap. & Early Modern Period, Part II 2: Techniques of Commerce, pp. 33-58. Thursday October 11 2. Carolyn Merchant, “The Scientific Revolution and the Death of Nature,” pp. 69-84 Tuesday October 16 The Industrial Revolution 2. Thomas Misa, Leonardo to the Internet, & Chapter 3: Geographies of Industry, pp. 57-96. Thursday October 18 Tuesday October 23 Technology and Imperialism 1. Thomas Misa, Leonardo to the Internet, & Chapter 4: Instruments of Empire, pp. 98-127. Thursday October 25 2. (T&C Reader) Michael Adas, “Contested Hegemony: The Great War and the Afro-Asian Assault on the Civilizing Mission,” pp. 87-103 Tuesday November 6 Science, Technology and the Birth of1. Thomas Misa, Leonardo to the Internet, 3 & Modern Industry Chapter 5: Science and Systems, pp. 128-157. Thursday November 8 Tuesday November 13 Scientific Management 1. (T&C Reader) Thomas P. Hughes, “The & System Must be First,” pp. 113-118 Thursday November 15 Tuesday November 20 Ford and Mass Production 1. (T&C Reader) Nathan Rosenberg, “Why in & America,” pp. 105-111 Thursday November 22 2. (T&C Reader) David Hounshell, “Mass Production,” pp. 119-125 Tuesday November 27 Midterm Exam: Discussion and 1. Thomas Misa, Leonardo to the Internet, & Review Chapter 10: The Question of Technology, pp. Thursday November 29 299-319. Tuesday January 8 Essay Seminar & Thursday January 10 Tuesday January 15 Technology and the World Wars 1. (Available online) Tim Cook, “Creating the & Faith: The Canadian Gas Services in the First Thursday January 17 World War,” J. of Military History, Vol. 62 (4), Oct.1998, pp. 755-86. 2. (T&C Reader) Robert Proctor, “Nazi Science and Nazi Medical Ethics: Some Myths and Misconceptions,” pp. 127-133 3. (T&C Reader) Barton J. Bernstein, “The Atomic Bombings Reconsidered,” pp. 135-142 Tuesday January 22 The Race for Space: Science, 1. Thomas Misa, Leonardo to the Internet, & Technology and Ideology During theChapter 7: The Means of Destruction, pp. 190- Thursday January 24 WWII & the Cold War 224. 2. (T&C Reader) Michael Gordin et. al., “Ideologically Correct Science,” pp. 145-165 Tuesday January 29 Communications Technologies, Part 1. (T&C Reader) Nelly Oudshoorn & Trevor & I Pinch, “Introduction: How Users and Non-Users Thursday January 31 Matter,” pp. 167-175 2. (T&C Reader) Claude S. Fischer, “’Touch Someone’: The Telephone Industry Discovers Sociability, pp. 177-192 Tuesday February 5 Communications Technologies, Part 1. (T&C Reader) Jan van den Ende et al., & II “Shaping the Early Development of Television,” Thursday February 7 pp. 193-206 Tuesday February 12 Personal Computers 1. (T&C Reader) Paul Ceruzzi, “The Personal & Computer,” pp. 207-221 Thursday February 14 Tuesday February 26 Internet 1. (T&C Reader) Lawrence Lessig, “Code is 4 & Law,” pp. 223-230 Thursday February 28 2. Thomas Misa, Leonardo to the Internet, Chapter 8: Toward Global Culture, pp. 225-259. Tuesday March 5 Controversies in Genetic 1. (T&C Reader) Lynne O. Elkin, “Rosalind & Engineering, Part I Franklin and the Double Helix,” pp. 231- 238 Thursday March 7 Tuesday March 12 Controversies in Genetic 1. (T&C Reader) US Department of Energy & Engineering, Part II Genome Research Program, “Genomics and its Thursday March 14 Impact on Science and Society,” pp. 239-246 Tuesday March 19 Controversies in Genetic & Engineering, Part III Thursday March 21 Tuesday March 26 Technology and the Environment (T&C Reader) Peter Bowler & Iwan Morus, & “Ecology and Environmentalism,” pp. 247-256 Thursday March 28 Tuesday April 2 Exam Review & Thursday April 4 2012-13 NATS 1775 Book Assignment Guidelines
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