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Lecture 8

NATS 1775 - (Lecture 8) Scientific Management Nov.19.docx

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York University
Natural Science
NATS 1775
Vera Pavri

Science and TechnologySientific ManagementFredrik TaylorImproving efficiency in workplaceTaylorisimhe blamed managers of factories they lacked tech knowledge to oversee their workersconcerned about corruption among managersworkers had unfair advantage over managers cause they knew how machines worked andtook advantage as a result doing what they wanted create an entirely new dpt of managers called the planning departmentthey would try to figure out best and most efficient ways of doing things in the factoryTime and motion study represented a big part of Taylors ideashaving a manager with a stopwatch and ask a worker to perform a task in various ways thetaste were timed and when the fastest most effective was was found this was the way it would be done going forward according to taylor the best way of figuring out how to do a task wasmanagers used timeand motion studies to find best method this would be given to the worker to show him the particular way to do things taylor was trying to eliminate the mind work of the worker and place it in the hands of amanager who had a bigger day in how a worker performed a task scientifically selecting workers if you have a heavy piece of machine on the stock floor forexample hire the strongest worker to handle the big machine taylor wanted to eliminate the whole process of soldiering to make a worker produce more he wanted a piece rate system they would be paid based on what they produced ex a worker that made 500 nails would be pain more than one who made 200 scientific management installed many changes in the factory setting taylor wanted to eliminate the problems that were hindering manufacturing and production 2 debates surrounding Taylors ideaswhy was scientific management introduced in the early 20th Cthe impact or significance of scientific managementgo through the debates using orthodox most accepted then increasingly criticized by individuals who revise theory and make the revisionist theoriesHarry Bravermens ideas will represent orthodox perspective for both debatesWhy was scientific management introduced in the early 20th CBraverman orthodox when theory was introduced it was analyzed by many individuals such as harry bravermanwhy was SM introduced in the early 20thC because taylor was only interested in controlling agrowing and more powerful labour force in the USA braverman believed tailors ideas were to eliminate the autonomy from the worker in thefactory setting and increasing the power of management and owners side note some of tailors ideas seem to be about controlling the labour forcepiece ratesystem make them work hard and get paid more if they produce more scientifically selecting
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