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Lecture Two: The Rise of Big Science Projects

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Lecture Three The Rise of Big Science ProjectsJanuary 17 2012IntroductionThere was an expectation of success with regards to these big science projectsThis was because they were so expensive to finance and a lot of time that was put into itThere was now more interaction between science and the stateThere needed to be a balance between the openness of science and the secrecy of military operations as often these projects had to do with war and war tacticsUS Research and Development Prior to Entry into WWIIGermany had been defeated in the first world war and many people believed that they were treated unfairly in the Treaty of VersaillesThe US was well aware that they may have to enter into the war at some point in timeThe major concern was that many of its scientific leaders believed that the US was not strong enough to beat the rebuilt GermanyVanebar BushRecognized that Germany had ignored some of the restrictions implicated by the Treaty of VersaillesThey had built up a huge arsenal of weaponsGermany had made huge strides in tank technology and aviation technologyBlitzkriegAble to bomb enemies in the airThe US was scared that they would not be able to protect themselves against these attacksOSRDOffice of Scientific Research and DevelopmentThe members of this included scientific leaders from all domainsIt was a big supporter of big scienceOnly funded projects that came from institutions with recorded scientific successes to minimized their riskDonated hundreds of thousands of dollars into certain areas of scientific researchThe development of electronics was widely supported by the OSRDLongevity of the Big Science Era
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