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Lecture 9

Lecture Nine: Internet Technologies

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York University
Natural Science
NATS 1775
Vera Pavri

Lecture Nine Internet TechnologiesFebruary 9 2012Introduction to the Internet Packet Switching TechnologyThe internet is not a technology but a technology system It is a component of other existing technologies such as the server and the computerWhat makes the Internet different from the other forms of communications is that messages are sent through the internet using packet switching technologyPacket switching technology involves taking a digital packet a message breaking it up into smaller packets which contain the same addressThis system guarantees that your message will get to your intended sender no matter which server or path it takes to get thereEach packet is structured in the following wayEthernet headerIP headerUPD headerMESSAGEEthernet FooterThe headers and footer allow the message to get to the correct locationPacket Switching TechnologyARPANETconsidered to be the grandfather of the Internet It was the first system to use the packet switching technology systemDeveloped by Paul Baron in the United States as well as Donald Davies in England Despite both developing the same thing at the same time Barons system was much more successfulThe push for packet switching technology was made by the Department of Defense They were looking for a new form of communicationThey turned to the Advanced Research Project Agency to do soThe Department of Defense wanted a new form of defense because they wanted a form of communication that could withstand a nuclear attackThey believed that their current systems of communication were inadequate in this regard
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