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Lecture 17

NATS 1840 Lecture 17: Lecture 17 - Summary

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Natural Science
NATS 1840
Ian Slater

NATS 1840 - Lecture 17 - Urban Mass Transit Introduction - Automobile and horse, short distance interurban transportation - urban mass transit, horse drawn carriages, horse drawn trains and cable cars - Car and electric trolley - automobiles and intra-urban transit, mass transit and urban spaces (car taxes) - Cars and horses, internal combustion cars and electric, cars and electric trolleys Technological Competition - Car a rich man’s toy, and lack of appropriate road infrastructure - Early roads meant for: short distance trips and local traffic “ambient traffic” - Car built for “through transportation” - Automobile preferred methodthf transit in this system, for individuals and groups - Jitney craze of early 20 century, cars or larger motorbuses, 12 or more passengers, mimic streetcar routes - Cars competing with mass transit - Competition between jitneys and trolleys mirrored later competition between trains and trucks - Rail taxes and licensing fees, unfair competition - Municipalities and jitneys, power - Inflation post WWI, increasing costs for train companies, impact of competition - Raise of basic wages, increased costs, unpopular fare increases - Bus lines and streetcars, suburbanization Urban Mass Transit in Operation - Los Angeles, Pacific Electric, transit in outlying areas, Los Angeles Railway, transit in the city proper - PE wide in scope, LAR had more passengers - 1930’s ridership on LAR streetcars dropped - Women switched to cars very early - by 1931 62% of commuters used cars - Parking costs and car costs, early cars not popular option, car costs decreased - Traffic increase, congestion, cars - Fare increases unpopular, transit companies lowered operating costs, fare collection system -
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