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Lecture 1 What causes color? What we know as color is a perception/sensation created by human eye & brain. Scattering. Living Color Video 3 Dimensions of Color “Primary” color sets: There are 2 ways to mix color in your eye:

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Natural Science
NATS 1870
Robin Kingsburgh

SC NATS 1870Monday thSeptember 14 2009What causes colorLighteach light source has a particular color neon fluorescent tungstenSurface colormolecules cause color on fabric colors get absorbed but surface color itselfreflects it in our eyes individual lightsprotonsFrequencywave rangeSun produce own lightastronomy colorPaintsdyesSoap bubbles iridescent lights crystals optical colorproduce color from materiallight interacts shellsinsect wingsThe color spectrumlight passed through a prism gets broken down to component colorsR O Y G B I V Light falling on surfaces get absorbed oSome color absorbedoSome color reflectedoReflected color travels to eyeWhat we know as color is a perceptionsensation created by human eyebrainScatteringLightsunspace blueviolet light inte
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