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Natural Science
NATS 1880
Paul Delaney

th 28 Feb, 2012 NATS 1/3 TEST CHAPTER 11 2/3 TEST CHAPTER 12 Drake Equation: R X Fp X N X Fi X Fi X F X L= N (from online versi.on linked to website) Number of communicable civilizations in the Milky Way today = N Ideal frequencies would be frequency of 1420 megahertz,( is a signal that neutral hydrogen will blow at. graph shows on the X-axis frequency of radio emission Logarithmic, 1 Gigahertz (1 billion) Intensity is the energy released Signal pales off sharply at about 1 gigahertz. Dark line is the radiation left over from the big bang ( cosmic background) It is the radiation left from big bang. -Radiation is still in space, line -Noise from atmosphere (dashline) -When you add all the sources together = Light blue line, peaks are result due to oxygen and water, -Ideal place to listen is the quietest (lowest level on Y-axis) -1420 Gighertz line of hydrogen - Blue curve is source of all noise BUT IT DOESNOT INCLUDE THE TELECOMMUNICATION NOISE. -Square Kilometer (100
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