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PHIL 1100
David Stamos

January 22, 2013 Philip Quinn - Meaning of life? Is meaningless ridiculous to them - Everybody in philosophy today - Rejects this view a recurring theme - Accepts that life is a war - Variety of senses that is meaning - The different meaning of the word meaning - Different feature of the word philosophy - Axiological meaning - Teleological meaning: purposes a person has rather than trivial; positive value, performed with zest - Possible to have one of these and not the other, when the life has both he calls it Positive complete meaning - Does he speak frolic Christianity – no - Provides a Paradigm, prime example, model to try to pattern our lives we try to imitate. Model involves suffereing; not about revenge, reading the gospels isn’t about the Godfather or something. You have to suffer injustice and despised insulted and mocked. Near admirers just listen. Keep themselves detached Fake Christians - No real self denial, religious readers, ego maniacs and etc - A life of a Christian will have a teleological meaning - Valuable life if we’re going to? How is that positive? Premature death? - Christ to the rescue? - Resurrection - Axiological meaning from Christianity - Many do not believe in the li
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