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Lecture 8

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Political Science
POLS 1000
Aryn Martin

thNovember 14 2011 English Revolutiondemocratic elements present in new model army argues that consent is the key to legitimacymust obtain beforehand the consent of those you will governLevellers during the putiny debates argue that every man to live under a government ought first by hius own consent put himself under that governmentGrandees conservatives respond and use a reoccurring argument that if you give the right to vote to everybody this will leave to anarchy we have to trust only those who have a fixed permanent interest in the kingdomanother way of describing property must only trust those who own property because they have a fixed interest in the country new found emphasis on consent can be found in the American Revolutionimpulse contained in the expression no taxation without representationbecause the Americans lacked representation in England they had not given their consent to being governed by the Englishfounders of American republic emphasize the need of obtaining consentthey will write that the governments that are instituted can only derive their just powers from the consent of the gover
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