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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 - What is Ideology

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York University
Political Science
POLS 1000
Martin Breaugh

Lecture 11No coincidence that political parties appears at the same time of extension to the right to vote and dropping of property qualifications for running officeArrival of the many on the political scene political parties are ways to channel and coalesce these new democratic energiesPolitical partiesorganizations that seek to acquire and maintain political power also based upon commonly shared ideas andor interestRepresentative government is dominated by political partiesExistence of political parties have modified our political imagination 2 main characteristics of political parties o Permanent structured organization o Offer an integral reading of political problemsEach of these characteristics are problematic have effects on how politics is doneTendency to eliminated spontaneous political action part of democratic experience in AthensIntegral reading of political problems issue parties will present a platform that discusses a totality of political problemStuck adhering to the totality of partys platformAs an activist you are actually limited in your realm of thinking limited to partisanship Real problem politics becomes predictable Partisanship turns people away from politics do more to limit political possibilities than to open up new ones What is ideologyIts emergenceLong history of emergence of term itself can be dated back to the renaissance 14601560 and early modern period 15001750 Renaissance represent a radical break from the middle ages characterized by 2 changes o Change in social forcesLongevity of the middle ages has to do with the fact that social forces what kind of peoplesocial group exist in the middle ages there are 3 peasants clergy ruling nobility in play remain stable or unable to act for a very long timeSheer poverty and horrible living conditions will curtail possibility of engaging in any actionsPeasants need to survive cant change anything nobility and clergy will not seek to modify the status quoPermanence and stability is guaranteed by the social forces
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