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Political Science
POLS 2900
Adam Hilton

Machiavelli – The Prince Chapter I- IV  People must love the ruling family in-order for the state to work  People will trade an old ruling state for a new one for a chance at a better ruler  The new ruler cannot maintain stability with the people because he cannot give to all of their needs  The new ruler must quickly punish the rebels to keep stability  It is easier to keep stability in the new state if they both speak the same language and same culture  He must maintain the same laws and tax – people will live peacefully as long as their old way of life is undisturbed  The new ruler must take up residence in the new state in-order to win their trust – by living there the prince can address problems more quickly and efficiently  Making colonies in the new state is also another way of keeping peace – it is also cheaper than having a military fort  To keep a state, the prince must know statecraft and Warcraft  Two ways of governing the state  Prince and appointed ministers – the ministers govern  Prince and nobles  It is easier to take control of a state that is governed by nobles, it is hard to keep the state Chapter V-VII  3 ways of holding a state  To devastate them – the most certain way of securing a state  The conquer to occupy them  Keep the laws but change the taxes to maintain an oligarchy – the oligarchy will keep working hard to keep the prince in power so it can have its own economic power  Provinces and cities do now know how to live a free- libertarian life therefore after the old prince is gone, the new prince can easily win them over Chapter VII – IX  Those who come to power by crime kill little but betray friends  Whe
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