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Aristotle Nicomanchean Ethics Book I  Every action is to seek some good towards some perspective  Political science is the science of “good of cities”  The theory of good  Happiness is the greatest good one can have  What is different from humans compared to plants and animals is humans rationality  When talking about happiness, one should consider ones entire life not just the moment of time  We can only consider one happy after death, when the life can be examined  However, a good person will always come out happy at the end of a “bad” situation  The irrational soul has two aspects: the vegetative aspect, which deals with nutrition and growth and has little connection to virtue; and the appetitive aspect, which governs our impulses  The rational part controls the impulse one has- higher rationality, more control over impulse Book 2  Two types of virtues: morality and intellectual  Ones learns intellectual virtue instructions; moral is taught by habit and constant practice  Virtue is taught by practice  courage cons
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