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Political Science
POLS 2900
Stephen Newman

1 POLS 2900 Tuesday, March 19, 2013 MARX: ON THE JEWISH QUESTION *Guest lecture by Jordan Cummings On the Jewish Question • Jews could not be emancipated • Marx’s response: freeing the whole before freeing the particulars is putting the cart before the horse. He purports that you need to have Jewish emancipation before you have full-fledged emancipation. • There is difference between formal and substantive free will o Formal freedom is better than unfreedom o What Marx is trying to get at is the limitations and progress that came with the French Revolution and its overall influence throughout Europe • Man is egoistic and self-centered in civil society. The emotions released by the unfettering of markets were politically constituted. • Double freedom- free from bondage and free from common access to land and sell your labour • Marx views humans as social animals- and emancipation is to develop and work with our sociality. We do not need
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