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York University
Political Science
POLS 2940
Elizabeth Dauphinee

th October 25 lecture We learn about the world through the media September 11 is my generations “cold war” or ww2. Defines my generation. Requirement of passport to cross US is a post September 11 th Canadian involvement of Afghanistan. US stretched in Afghanistan, irag and maybe iran. These are all a result of sept 11. Torture is a result Recap: changes in international relations after sept 11 involved these things. Wars in Iraq and afgan, return of torture, military detention, border hardening etc. Conditions of possibility where all these emerged. When we have multilple angls ofan event we asses what we saw. In most cases we only have 1 angle. Multiple angles can still mean we don’t know what we are looking at. Terror is our frame of reference. What type of “event” is formed by the 4 planes on sept 11. Repeated comments from people there is that they thought they were watching a movie. Cultural “artifacts” like movies shapes how we see the political world. Islamism is a political ideology, not a religion. Political goals. Connected terrorism with Islam for many people. These connections lead us to believe islamists attacked America. On sept 11 we did not know enough what was going on. Where you stand on that day is how your perspective will shape your ideology. Importance of the media to establish “facts” quickly to make a story. Another reference was pearl harbour. Reference was for those above 40. Mediation of various kinds telling us about the world. No neutral knowledge. Tells us a different perspective. These sets of ideas as “frames of reference”. Allows us to make sense of the world we see. And how we therefore must act. All of the frames that we use to access the political world are formed by a variety of sources. Popular culture is one of those sources, die hard, pearl harbour. History. Must make connection between frames of reference to political policies. Policy makers are restricted by frames of reference that make it acceptable and unacceptable. If you don’t comply with the frame of reference, you are pushed as insane or an outcast. Policy makers act within points/frames of reference. War on terror answers the question on how to respond to sept 11.
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