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Political Science
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POLS 2950
Simone Bohn

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School of Nature of Human RightsStrengthsWeaknessesThoughtPhilosophicalReason defines the scope of human rights If It recognises the inherence of Reason is very difficult to determine one will rationally understand the nature of human rights and affirms the Whose reason is supreme Can all human beings then one will likewise dignity of the human person It human beings arrive at the same understand that human rights are inherent to supports the belief that all conclusion using reasonhuman beings Therefore human rights are human beings by virtue of their natural rightsbeing human have rightsTheologicalHuman rights are given to human beings by a It denotes an understanding and History tells us that Churches spiritual Supreme Being Ones faith determines practice of human rights that is leaders are not infallible People are what constitutes human rightsgeared towards higher spiritual vulnerable to faith without understanding purpose Human rights become and reason Different faiths have different part of ones faith and belief beliefs therefore human rights become rather than mere concepts to be varied and not standardised for all human learnedbeingsPositivisticHuman rights are those recognised by the Human rights become Laws are not perfect
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