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Lecture 17

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Political Science
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POLS 3260
Saeed Rahnema

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POLS 3260- Lecture 17 November 12, 2013 th, -Last day of class is on 28 debate and essay due this day, but penalty free extension until the 5th -Email to show that you are handing it in on the 5 th Peace Process Since beginning of conflict there have been efforts to have peace Firstly a set of UN resolutions, from the beginning many exist And then there different peace treaties as well As for UN no other part of the world has had as many as the Arab Israeli conflict in security council and general assembly meetings 1972 to present 44 veto’s by Americans in relation to Israel The most important resolutions: o 1947- resolution 181 Partition Plan o 1948- general assembly resolution 194 conditional right of return for Palestinians o 1949- general assembly 273 admission of Israel to the United Nations o 1975- after the October war, under the pressure of several member states UN passes controversial 3379 equates Zionism with Arab nationalism  This was later revoked. When peace process was started in the 90’s in part to agree with this Israel wanted this to be void and it was revoked o Series of resolution condemning Israel in series of events o 1967- The most significant resolution 242 is the most famous and is now the reference for all peace processes, demands that:  Charter sovereignty, human rights, peace and means… refusal to use force – they affirm fulfillment of the charter  *Withdrawal of Israel armed forces in territory occupied in recent conflict is most important  Another item is the necessity for guaranteeing the freedom of navigation in international waterways  Necessity for achieving a just settlement for the refugee problem  This resolution was unanimously adopted by 15 members o 1967- Resolution 252 declares invalid Israel’s act to unify Jerusalem as the Jewish capital o Then minor resolutions that condemn Israel’s actions o Resolution 338 seize fire in Yom Kippur (October) war 1973 o 1979 452 calls on Israel to seize building settlement in seized territories o 497 in 1981, after Israel formally annexes the Golan height, Israel annexation is null and void o Resolution 1701 called for full secession of Israel and Hezbollah Peace negotiations; series of peace treaties o First time goes back to 1919 before creation of Israel- Feisal (Hussein’s son) Wiseman (leader of Zionism) to forge an agreement, both sides ignored the wishes of the Palestinians, nothing came out of these meetings o In the beginning Palestinians could never represent themselves, first Faisal then Jordan o I.e. Camp David Accord signed 1977-1979 peace between Egypt and Israel with some references to Palestinians, they waned to create an administrative through Jordan, and this also referred to resolution 242  2 stages full autonomy, ? Egypt, permanent resolution  Even early resolutions of negotiations doesn’t refer to Palestinians… only gradually do they refer to the alienation of Palestinians but nobody is still negotiating for Palestine o All this changed with the first intifada, 1988 when this happened no Palestinian organization existed, PLO was in Tunisia and it was Hamas who turned into a political organizations and here Palestinian organizations began to enter the scene o It was the first time that Americans and Israel found that o 1991 secret talks began in Madrid and two sides secretly agreed and this led to major agreement known as Oslo 1 in 1993 called deceleration of principle (DOP), finalized in Norway, signed in Washington in 1993  Elements of this was withdraw of forces from Israel in Gaza and areas and Palestinian
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