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The Global South: Politics, Policy & Development POLS 3560 – Fall/Winter 2011/2012 – Ananya Mukherjee-Reed Lecture 15 – Migration – Feb 14 UNDP - Human development report 2009 – Overcoming barriers: Human mobility and development. - How and why people move: o Internal migration (within country). o International migration. o Trafficking (primarily women). o Refugees (displaced peoples). - The problem o Barriers to movement – Restrictions on movement within and across borders limit human choices and freedom. o Treatment of ‘movers’ – Upon arrival in destination country many migrants ‘face systemic disadvantages, making it difficult or impossible for them to access local services on equal terms with local people. And these problems are especially severe for temporary and irregular workers.’ - The proposal o Expand migration schemes – Receiving countries should expand migration schemes (in particular seasonal worker and tourism programs) and increase the number of visas for ‘low-skilled’ people. o Ensure basic rights for migrants – Including basic wage guarantees, equal pay for equal work, health and safety standards, provisions for repeat visits, right to change employers, right to apply for permanent residency, right to unionize, etc. o Lower transaction costs of migration – Governments in country of origin and country of destination should simplify their procedures and reduce document costs (e.g. passport and visa fees) for migrants. o Develop policies that are mutually beneficial for origin and destination countries. o Remove barriers to internal movement – (Including service provision restrictions and differentiated entitlements for those not registered in different areas of the country). o Mainstream migration into national development strategies – ‘While not a
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