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Lecture 8

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Political Science
POLS 3561

November 11 • Law and justice is about maintaining stability • Objective to achieve a certain level of stability to enforce law and order • And to achieve cultural justice o Giving a just explanation to what the state does • About what level of injustice is tolerable • Hegemony identifies the state being just • Hegemony is related to the notion of the state being poverty • Also about how much equality or exclusion must exist before we see a reaction from society and people • Stability is an active, not passive, process • Something that we have to work on all the time • Process of reproducing the legitimacy of the state and understanding the nature of the state • Law and justice issues should never be taught as technical or administrative matters • It is not fixed; rather a process • Fundamentally about shaping and consolidating appropriate institutions that are excepted as powerful, legitimate • Consensus is important than having an organization • Have to make a distinction between stability and security • Law and justice sectors are not best conceptualized as security sector • Security is a function of a stable society that is a political process while rule of law is a legal process • Security is achieve when you have a stable institutional arrangement • Requires the perception of justice • Does
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