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POLS 1920 - lecture 3
1. Keynesianism
2. welfare state. -- middle ground.
Managed capitalism -> lie between free market capitalism and socialism
Socialism -> planned economy, private owned things.
3. new collective bargaining arrangements between capital and labour.
PC 1033 - Canadian Frueral cabinet in 1944 (constitution)
Ordered in cousin when said that employers has to recognized properly constitutions unions
-> recognition strikes -> labour shortages
needs to maintain wartime production.
- Labour was in a strengthened positions
-> relative strength of capital and labour is in for demand by the labour of one production.
PC 1003 stated -> new framework -> unions could not walk the job until the contract expired.
-> growth of grievance procedures.
Collective moderation - is no longer as important.
-> mounting reflective legal crisis becomes a key focus.
- With new frame work, growth and unionizations in various male dominated areas of employment ->
manufacturing, mining, -> union organizations become concentrated.
Basis of fordist
-> compromise
-> larger- scale manufacturers such as car manufacturers, settle contracts with their works
orders with unions.
As a result : this annual increases in wage and improvements in benefits.
Employers can pay for the increased wages and benefits through expanded productivity.
-> Labour output/numbers of hrs worked. = output per hour worked.
Production increases. -> application of mass production techniques.
ex. assembly line (car industry), task specialization.
GOLDEN Age -> increasing profitability for capital -> therefore expanding wages -- breadwinner wage (
wage that men can support their families)
If wages are higher -> increased consumption -> increase aggregate demand -> economic growth ->
increase investments -> increase business confidence.
Mutually reinforcing situation.
-- Particular institutional political framework which supported rapid rates of growth, low unemployment
and low inflation.
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